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How will we collaborate ?

Project Analysis

Project Analysis.

We start by building together the specification of your project. We setup our collaboration according to the needs. For example, by quote or by the day.
Your project will be ours. You can sleep well at night and stay focus on your work.


The Right Solution.

There are no problems only solutions. Let’s find the right one. Don’t go for the big key if the door has a tiny lock.

Project Solution

We develop a solution when none exists already for your project. Our innovations include:

  • Frameworkless

    Having a framework helps develop websites faster. But we want native performance after compilation.

  • Deep Learning

    We develop code generation AIs to enable developers to focus on the intelligence of their applications.

  • Novel Containers

    Fast sandboxed code execution technology and platform.

  • Big Data

    Custom solutions for processing and extracting value from large datasets.

  • New Programming Language

    We are researching how to reduce the amount of glue code needed for any project to go online.


Functionnal & Design.

Figma Screen
Creative Responsive Web & Mobile

You get a direct access to the designs in the making. This way, you can give us quick feedback.
We adapt our designs to the style that best suits you and your project. Emphasizing accessibility, visual identity and fluidity of the application.

  • Web Web
  • Android Android

Time to implement.

This includes coding, setting up the infrastructure and optimizing for performance and reliability

  • Infrastructure

    We are experts in resilient multi - cloud and multi - region infrastructures. We may recommend a simpler one if appropriate.

  • Sketch Integration

    This is the step where we turn the visual designs into actual code.

  • SEO Friendly

    We follow web & mobile standards. Making search engine crawling efficient.

  • Optimization

    We optimize and scale automatically the resources of your project.

Gradient Separator

Testing & Delivery.

Continuous testing and adjustments while we develop and after delivery.

    • Feedback

      Improve experience, boost conversions and empower positive change.

    • Security Assessment

      Update and strengthen cybersecurity policies and procedures.

  • Testing & Delivery
    • Monitoring

      We continuously monitor your application and regularly run tests.

    • Delivery

      Host with us or on your own servers. We manage everything for you. You still get all the source code and documentation to be able to operate on your own if you want to.


Long Term Support.

Our team accompanies you throughout your project and well after. We are looking for long term partners.

Long Term Support
We focus on SEO & Performance

We collaborate on making your project grow and continuously exchange with you on new ideas. You get technological watch without breaking a sweat.

Long term services

We deal with everything required to provide your service reliably, so that you can focus on what matters the most to you.

  • Monitoring & Alerting

    Prometheus, Loki, Grafana

  • Management & Deployment

    GLADR, Ansible, Terraform, Salt

  • Scaling

    Horizontal, vertical, partitioning, replication


They trust us and they are right.


Latest Projects.

Consult our different projects, from their conceptions to the online publication.

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