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Access databases and many more managed services with our library.
Enjoy internet access, low start latency and scaling per request.

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What's so special about toasters ?

All you need is code

Build a complete API or anything else in minutes, with a simple code editor in the browser. Access databases, cache, object storage, send emails and more with our library. Your function gets an URL and it scales per request automatically. You can also use your own domain name.

Turn your ideas into solutions faster

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Focus on what matters and adds real value to your project.

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Tired of reinventing the wheel ?

Check out Toastate marketplace to find the function you need. We review all Toasters submitted to the marketplace

Actually, don't

Everything is managed for you so you can focus on your application code instead of managing and operating infrastructure.

Be proud of your code

Make your Toaster open source... but you can also keep it private.

Make your code work for you

Publish your toaster on the marketplace, keep its code private and charge fees every time it is used.

Make extra income

Build Toasters for the Marketplace

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Each Toaster is billed per execution.

  • RAM

  • Processor

  • Output Data

  • Run time


Work with the services you need
and the language you

Each Toaster has Internet access and can use any external library or service.

In addition, automatically provisioned databases, cache, file storage, and more are made available through a single line of code.

Write Toaster in multiple languages. Currently Golang and NodeJS. More coming soon.

Pick your gear

Many services for you and more to come.

  • Object DB

    A no SQL document oriented database

  • Cache

    An in-memory key value data store

  • E-mail

    Send emails with a simple function.

  • Object storage

    An object-based file system


    Coming soon

  • SMS

    Coming soon

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